The idea.

On a family vacation in 2008, on the beautiful island Gran Canaria, we had the idea to build a “baby monitor app for the iPhone which came about like this …

To play it safe we had two traditional baby monitor devices with us: a regular one and a DECT telephone with a baby monitor function, (luckily, the telephone jacks are the same in Germany as they are in Spain). The regular baby monitor had a promised range of 500 metres, but because of the thick walls of the hotel we couldn’t even sit in the adjacent restaurant (which was about a distance of 100 m), and the DECT telephone was not compatible with the hotel’s telephone system. Therefore, there were no nice evening dinners in the restaurant for us…

As we sat for yet another night on the balcony of our hotel room my husband realised that the iPhone actually had everything you’d need for a baby monitor. At this time the iPhone and the App Store were only a couple of months old, and a baby monitor app was a very innovative idea – an idea we made real once back home again.

From that initial idea it took around four months until you could buy BabyPhone Deluxe – our first baby monitor app – in the App Store. Since that time we’ve continuously improved our app to consistently offer a better product.

The app.

Use our Baby Monitor Duo app to turn two or more iOS devices into a stable, secure and smart baby monitor!